Battery or supercapacitor powered systems

Buck-boost converter for battery or supercapacitor systems

DC/DC Converters for battery or supercapacitor powered system

Context and Background
A manufacturer of shuttles for the aviation industry needs a solution to power the electrical system. On the input side our converter 24V are available, which we have to raise to 28V and regulate. On the input side, the voltage can vary between 20V and 30V. On the output side, the voltage must not fall below 27V, otherwise the power-intensive boot processes would interrupt the communication to the aircraft. We realize this with a DC/DC buck-boost converter 257E-28-SD.

Since the maximum power consumption of the consumers on the 28V side account for more than 1KW, we would have to switch three devices in parallel to deliver the required power. Here you can find the characteristic curve plots of the DC/DC converter.

Some systems use a backup battery that needs to be charged. The battery is designed to prevent the system from remaining "online" with the backup battery in the event of unscheduled stops and at that moment with empty, non-rechargeable supercapacitors.