Forklift with charging station

DC/DC Converters for forklifts

Context and Background
Manufacturers of industrial trucks use battery systems with different voltages depending on the power requirements. However, the consumer devices always require the same supply voltage, which is usually between 12VDC and 24VDC. For companies with industrial trucks, the management and maintenance of the vehicle fleet is complex, because they need different converters as spare parts.

Thanks to our wide-range DC/DC converters, e.g. the 154DH-12-ON, all different input voltage ranges can be covered for example, with only one device.

Some of our suitable products
  • Input voltage ranges: 16VDC - 160VDC
  • Power: max. 350W
  • Galvanic isolation possible
  • Various connections available
  • Cases FMC-90x90x26, FMC-77x52x19