DC/DC Converters for railway applications

Galvanically isolated DC/DC converter 110V +/- 15V for railway applications

Galvanically isolated bipolar DC/DC converter for 110V railway applications

The bipolar DC/DC converter, which can provide both positive and negative output voltage, is ideal for railway applications. Thanks to the all-aluminum housing and the PU potting, our DC/DC converters are basically climate-proof and insensitive to vibrations - the perfect companion in railroad applications with different climate conditions.

The ultra-wide input range from 16 to 160 VDC and the electrically isolated, bipolar output voltage of +/-15V characterize the DC-Transformer 364W2-15015-SDB1 push-pull converter. Also ideal for 24V, 48V, 110V DC networks. Power doubling by parallel connection as well as supply of active loads is possible at any time.

Further devices for railroad applications can be found especially under our isolated DC/DC step-up and step-down converters of the 300 series.