DC/DC Converter 13.8V, 20A in use for E-Trucks upgraded in Switzerland

Demke DC/DC Converter 13.8V, 20A for eMobility - eTrucks

Demke DC/DC Converter 13.8V, 20A for eMobility

Our converters also bring the horsepower to the ground in E-Trucks. The DC-Transformer 151DH-13.8-On with 13.8V output voltage and 280 Watt power is installed in the new series of the most powerful FUTURICUM E-Trucks with over 680 HP as a 13.8V battery charging converter and 12V power supply.

The Demke DC/DC converter, equipped with state-of-the-art components, is operated under continuous load in this application and supplies 12V devices starting from a 24V supply voltage. Since the converter is only screwed onto a metal mounting plate, the passive heat dissipation is sufficient even under continuous load because our semiconductors are thermally optimally coupled with the housing base. Even the resulting parasitic capacitances on the housing and the associated common-mode interference are limited by the internal common-mode and differential-mode filters, so that the interference radiation easily complies with the limit values according to DIN-EN 61000-6-3.

The DC-Transformer 151DH-13.8-On is preferably used for 12V batteries as a dc input dc charging converter or as a power supply for various applications such as lighting, ventilation, pumps, etc. With the input voltage range of 17...58 VDC, this Demke DC-Transformer combines two voltage converters into one unit. The use as DC/DC converter 24V/12V and DC/DC converter 48V/12V is very popular.

As a battery transfer converter with almost CC-CV charging characteristics, it has excellent EMC characteristics and is therefore ideal for use in eMobility applications. Overall certifications of road vehicles can thus be implemented without any problems. Thanks to the newest components and high power density, this DC/DC converter delivers up to 300W of power at 12V or 13.8V for 24V and 48V on-board grids. For higher power ranges, this Demke DC-Transformer can also be connected in parallel - or the more powerful model, the DC-Transformer 171E-13.8-SD can be used.

In summary, the most important parameters of the DC/DC converter with 12V or 13.8V output. Customised adaptations (DC-Master-15X-xx) for your application are always possible. We have added the maximum values in brackets.

  • Ultra-wide input voltage range: 17 … 58 VDC - (Vin max. up to 96V)
  • Very high efficiency: up to 96%
  • Max. Peak input voltage: 60 VDC - (can be extended up to 100V)
  • Output voltage / max. output current: 13.8 VDC / 20.0 ADC

Due to the relatively small design of the DC/DC converter, the maximum permissible input current is limited to approximately 20A. This current can be handled well by our semiconductors and filter elements, which are sufficiently rated.

Stay up-to-date and follow another news article regarding the enhancements of our potted DC/DC converters for 57V LiIon battery powered electrical systems.

Coming soon: Demke DC/DC Converter 142E-13.8-SD and 162E-13.8-SD with an input voltage range of 16...70VDC and a maximum input voltage of up to 80VDC. If you need even more power, use our 1000W galvanically non-isolated DC/DC converter 171E-13.8-On.