DC/DC Converter with up to 99% efficiency

DC/DC converter with 24V output voltage and 450W power

DC/DC converters with up to 99% efficiency, without power derating and 1000W power

In the world of electronics, energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role. With rising demands for performance and miniaturization, it is becoming increasingly difficult to minimize losses in systems. Demke Electronic is presenting a groundbreaking solution with its innovative 172 Series buck converters, which master this challenge.

The 172 Series DC/DC converters are distinguished by their exceptionally high efficiency of up to 99%. This means that nearly all of the energy from the input voltage is converted into usable output power.

Efficiency DC-Transformer 172E-13.8-ON

Figure 1: Efficiency of DC transformer 172E-13.8-ON

Further advantages of our DC/DC converters are:

  • No power derating: The full power is available even at high ambient temperatures.
  • Compact design: The converters are housed in a space-saving housing, ideal for applications with limited space.
  • Wide input voltage range: The converters are designed for a wide input voltage range, offering high flexibility in use.
  • Robust construction: The converters are vibration-resistant and are also suitable for harsh environmental conditions thanks to the PU potting.

With their outstanding properties, the 172 Series DC/DC converters set new standards in energy efficiency and reliability. They are the perfect choice for applications where the highest performance and minimal losses are required.

  • DC/DC Converter 172E-13.8-ON: The galvanically non-isolated DC/DC buck converter from 48V (input voltage range: 18-70 VDC) to 13.8V with approx. 800 W power. Ideal for automotive and battery applications. The internal decoupling diode avoids discharging batteries at the output.
  • DC/DC Converter 172-24-SD: The galvanically non-isolated DC/DC buck converter from 48V (input voltage range: 26-70 VDC) to 24V or 28V with 1000W power for automotive applications.


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