New product announcement: DC/DC converter 142E-13.8-SD and 162E-13.8-On for battery applications

Demke DC/DC Converter 13.8V, 20A for eMobility - eTrucks

New product announcement: DC/DC converter 142E-13.8-SD and DC/DC converter 162E-13.8-On with 13.8VDC output at 15A or 22A with up to 300W galvanically non-isolated power

The supply voltage of 48V battery systems with lead-acid or Li-ion batteries can rise up to 59V (e.g. with 14 cells x 4.2Vmax) in maximum charged condition. The maximum permissible voltage peaks are 58VDC for the 141E-13.8-SD (13.8V, 15A) DC/DC battery charge converter or the 141-12-SD (12.2V/15A) DC/DC converter. The peak voltage is specified at 60VDC.

Internal reserves are still present in Demke DC/DC converters, whether galvanically isolated or not, but with a product upgrade of the 141 converter to the new 142 series, we are creating room for improvement with up to 70V continuous load with the same performance.

In case of very dynamic changes in the supply voltage, strong voltage changes (large dV/dt) can occur, which come close to the breakdown voltage of the 63V components.

Therefore, with the 142 and 162 series, we have designed the specifications for 70V continuous operation, and allowable voltage spikes to 75V.

Customers who are already using Demke DC/DC converters know that even at 75V Vpeak, there are still additional reserves available so that the battery charge converter with its 13.8V output contributes to the full operational reliability of the electrical system.

With the new 142 and 162 series of non-isolated DC/DC converters, Demke once again underlines its commitment to competing against low-cost competitors with extremely stable products specified with sufficient reserves. Against the trend of more power and derating or less reserves and performance, we are confidently breaking new ground in electromobility with our decentralized and highly reliable DC/DC converters.

Especially the highly compact and highly integrated DC/DC converter 142E-13.8-SD (supply voltage 16VDC...70VDC) with 13.8V output voltage and up to 15A short circuit current (200W power) is ideal for mobile battery electric applications. Climate safe, vibration resistance, PU potting, internal reverse polarity protection diodes on the output side, high-performance control loop, wide band EMC filter - compact and combined in one device, ready for tomorrow's challenges.

#small, compact, extremely robust!