Ready for the streets! DC/DC converter with 57V output voltage and approval for road service!

Demke DC/DC converter from 16...32VDC and an output voltage of 57V, 450W power and road approval

Galvanically isolated DC/DC step-up and step-down converter with an input voltage of 12-32VDC, output voltage 57VDC, 450W and E-road approval

Demke Electronic GmbH develops and distributes high-quality, customized DC/DC converters from quantity 1.

Two years ago, we successfully developed our first DC/DC battery charging converter from 13.8V to 57V with galvanic isolation, 450W power and with E-approval for one of our customers.

The DC/DC converter 729-57-SD was specially developed for use with a 13.8V alternator. Newly our customer uses truck alternators with 27.6V and for enabling a D+ signal. We are pleased about the award of the follow-up order and are happy to put the know-how we have gathered over the past two years into the miracle box, the newly developed DC/DC converter 729-57-ON.

Convince yourself of the current and future characteristics. The result is fantastic!

DC/DC Converter 729-57-ON - Efficiency

DC/DC Converter 729-57-SD - Efficiency

Figure 1 and 2: The efficiency of the new generation (729-57-ON) and current generation (729-57-SD) in comparison

DC/DC Converter 729-57-ON - CC/CV

DC/DC Converter 729-57-SD - CC/CV

Figure 3 and 4: CC/CV characteristics of the new generation and current generation in comparison

We also have extended the input voltage range from 12...16V to 12...32V.

The new CC and CV regulator allow min 8.5A over the entire input voltage range; the current generation had trouble with this at individual operating points.

DC/DC Converter 729-57-ON - Overall loss

DC/DC Wandler 729-57-SD - Overall loss

Figure 5 and 6: In comparison, total losses depend on the output of new and current generations - observe Y-axis!

Further technical information as well as the 3D model of the converter can be found on the product page of the 729-57-ON.

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