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Demke Electronic DC-Transformer DC/DC Buck Converter performance upgrade

No other Demke DC-Transformer (non-isolated step-down DC/DC converter) as the 145-series is built in several variants, has a higher power density or is more climate-proofed. As a part of our ongoing product management, we have got even more performance from the 52x77x19 mm DC/DC converter.

E-Mobility with Demke DC/DC converter

Our DC-Transformer 257LE1-29 is in permanent operation on the road and makes the daily life of many delivery people easier. We are pleased that we can support this new way of delivery with our robust and universally applicable devices and promote the future of e-mobility.

Climate and stress test for Demke DC DC Wandler

In order to guarantee the quality of our Demke DC-DC converters under various kinds of environmental impacts, we have to test them under extreme conditions and let them age prematurely.

Non-Isolated DC/DC step down converter with 12VDC 17A output

This performance upgrade includes a power increase of 20W with a simultaneous noise reduction. Demke DC-transformer have always been optimised for maximum efficiency with minimum interference emission - we continue to pursue this goal consistently.

Galvanically isolated bipolar Demke DC/DC converter 364W2-15015-SDB1 for railway applications

To make it easier to understand the special characteristics of our DC/DC converters, a characteristic curve plot will be available as take away (PDF) for each article in the future.

DC-Transformer 257E-24-SD (48V) used for running four legged robot Anymal c in industrial environment

In the context of a master thesis at the Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) at ETH Zurich, a customer-specific DC/DC converter (Demke DC Transformer) was developed and tested for use in a novel energy storage system. Due to the high performance and strict weight requirements in dynamic walking robots, power density becomes a key parameter.

DC/DC converter in compact aluminium housing with 450 Watt power and 57 VDC output

Our new E13-certified 450 Watt DC/DC Converter for Automotive and E-Mobility applications is ready for road use and has been installed successfully in the first road legal vehicles. The DC Transformer passed the E13 10R - 05 certification right away, this was a great appreciation for the work of our engineers and motivates for further projects.

Galvanically isolated bipolar Demke DC/DC converter 364W2-15015-SDB1 for railway applications

The ultra-wide input range from 16 to 160 VDC and the electrically isolated, bipolar output voltage of +/-15V characterize the push-pull converter 364W2-15015-SDB1.

Oscilloscope for measurements on DC/DC voltage converters

Since our company is constantly growing, we have decided to expand our office space. We have enlarged the laboratory space and created a modern lounge area for our engineers and customers. This area is used by our employees to let creativity and know-how flow together. By incorporating the needs of our customers, the first developments of future DC-Transformers are created here, tested and realized in the laboratory right next door.

Group handshake for a strong team

In the past we invested a lot of time and energy in the development of our company. Now, thanks to the existing digitization of our in-house processes and our ERP system, we are able to carry out our work here in Switzerland up to 100% in our home-offices if necessary. Our great team spirit is very valuable in this time.