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DC/DC converter in compact aluminium housing with 450 Watt power and 57 VDC output

Our new E13-certified 450 Watt DC/DC Converter for Automotive and E-Mobility applications is ready for road use and has been installed successfully in the first road legal vehicles. The DC Transformer passed the E13 10R - 05 certification right away, this was a great appreciation for the work of our engineers and motivates for further projects.

Oscilloscope for measurements on DC/DC voltage converters

Since our company is constantly growing, we have decided to expand our office space. We have enlarged the laboratory space and created a modern lounge area for our engineers and customers. This area is used by our employees to let creativity and know-how flow together. By incorporating the needs of our customers, the first developments of future DC-Transformers are created here, tested and realized in the laboratory right next door.

Group handshake for a strong team

In the past we invested a lot of time and energy in the development of our company. Now, thanks to the existing digitization of our in-house processes and our ERP system, we are able to carry out our work here in Switzerland up to 100% in our home-offices if necessary. Our great team spirit is very valuable in this time.