DC-Transformer 251L-24-SD

Converter can be used in various applications

Key figures

  • ultrawide input voltage range: 10 ... 36 VDC
  • very high efficiency: up to 98%
  • peak input voltage: 37 VDC
  • output voltage / max. output current: 24.0 VDC / 10.0 ADC


This DC-DC power supply steps up low input voltages from approximately 9V to 24V. As most of our DC/DC converter of our portfolio, it is short-circuit and no load proof. Further it is also a customizable dc-dc power supply. It is recommended to use for new designs its successor 257LE-24-SD.


  • non-isolated step up and step down converter
  • very low input ripple
  • continous no load and short circuit proof
  • for ambient temperatures of -40°C up to +85°C
  • thermal shutdown at +90°C
  • for passive loads only
  • integrated EMI input and output filter
  • no derating of power
  • heatsinking metal plate
  • robust design
  • unipolar output voltage
  • non-isolated output