DC-Transformer 344-24-SD

Converter can be used in various applications

Key figures

  • ultrawide input voltage range: 22 ... 160 VDC
  • very high efficiency: up to 96%
  • peak input voltage: 170 VDC
  • output voltage / max. output current: 24.0 VDC / 2.0 ADC


The converter 344-24-SD is a universal member of our 300 series. Galvanic isolation is realized with the push-pull stage principle. Further features of this DC transformer are the soft start, the input undervoltage switch-off and the permanent no-load safety and short circuit protection. The soft start limits the input current and prevents inrush current peaks during startup. Since the output current and the output voltage are constantly regulated in this DC-DC converter, the DC / DC converter supplies a constant short-circuit current in case of overload. This outstanding feature gives the converter a unique power control, making it ideal for battery charging applications. When the overload or short circuit is removed, the converter returns to normal voltage regulation mode and provides the full specified output power over the entire temperature range.


  • push-pull converter
  • very low input ripple and noise
  • continous no load and short circuit proof
  • for ambient temperatures of -40°C up to +85°C
  • thermal shutdown at +90°C
  • for active loads, can be connected in parallel
  • integrated EMI input and output filter
  • no derating of power
  • heatsinking metal plate
  • robust design
  • unipolar output voltage
  • galvanic isolation