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Demke DC/DC Converter 729-24-SD 12V to 24V and 18A with 450W

NEW: DC/DC Converter 729-24-SD, 12V to 24V with 18A and 450W

11. May 2021 News

Demke Electronic - DC/DC Converter - Step Up Converter - Step Down Converter - custom specific

Customer-specific configurable DC/DC converters the DC-master voltage converters

non-isolated DC/DC buck converter Typ DC-Transformer 141E-13.8-SD with output voltage 13.8V, 180 watts and input voltage 16V to 58V

DC-Transformer 141E-13.8-SD

Input: 16 ... 58 VDC Output: 13.8 VDC / 180 Watt

non-isolated DC/DC buck converter Typ DC-Transformer 154DH-48-On with output voltage 48.0V, 480 watts and input voltage 50V to 160V

DC-Transformer 154DH-48-ON

Input: 50 ... 160 VDC Output: 48.0 VDC / 480 Watt

isolated DC/DC buck-boost converter Typ DC-Transformer 729-57-SD with output voltage 57.0V, 450 watts and input voltage 12V to 16V

DC-Transformer 729-57-SD

Input: 12 ... 16 VDC Output: 57.0 VDC / 450 Watt


Demke Electronic - DC/DC Converter designed in Switzerland

Developed with the latest design tools - manufactured according to ISO 9001-2015 by Elotec Fischer Elektrotechnik GmbH - customizable from the first piece and processed into compact and robust DC/DC converters with ultra wide input range in the power range up to 1000W. Available in three climate-proofed housings with plug-in or THT connection.

  • small: 77x52x19mm, up to 200 watts
  • medium: 90x90x26mm, up to 400 watts
  • large: 130x130x28mm, up to 1000 watts

New product information dc-dc converter 13.8VDC, 40A to 65 A

A new galvanically non-isolated DC/DC converter from Demke, "designed in Switzerland, made in Germany, proven in the world" is expected to be available in 2021. The new 171E-13.8 with an input voltage range of 16...58VDC will provide up to 900W at 12V and 13.8V output voltage, which corresponds to up to 65A output current. With the current design, we already provide 40A at 13.8VDC which is equal to 550W output power.

Once again we impressively point out the compact and robust housing with a maximum dimension of 130x130x28mm at 550gr. At 900W we are achieving a specific output power of 1.64W/g, hence this dc-dc converter is extremely light, an advantage in electromobility and other automotive applications.

We are sustainably extending our non-isolated dc-dc buck converters of the 100-series in an output power range of 500W to 1000W. The 17X product family will then be successively exptended, so our Demke DC-transformer with ultra wide input range from 16 to 160VDC and output voltages of up to 80VDC will be available as buck-converter with reduced power up to 700W.

The powerful DC/DC converter with integrated EMC filters is ideally suited for any application of 24V, 48V, 80V and 110V DC supply grids. Custom versions of the dc-dc converter will be realized easily, just chat with us.

DC/DC buck converter type 154DH-24-On, output 24V/13A

Rely on our latest development of the 154 family. Longevity and stability in harshest environments, the DC-Transformer 154DH-24-ON is specially developed for extreme customer requirements.

We are continuing the success story. This DC/DC Buck Converter is unbeatable in performance and EMC, in interference immunity and interference emission. With 360g, max. dimensions of 90x90x26mm and the flat plug connections it fits into any application.

Very wide range of applications e.g. in e-mobility, wind power and industrial applications thanks to the ultra-wide input voltage range from 28 to 160 VDC. Also ideal for 48V, 80V, 110V DC networks with output 24VDC. Please contact us for customer-specific adaptations or required standards, we will fulfill them.