DEMKE DC-Transformers

Hardcore DC power supplies.

DC/DC Converter for harsh environments

Rely on our latest development of the 154 family. Longevity and stability in harsh environments, the 154DH-24-ON is designed specifically for extreme customer requirements.

The new CC-CV charging function, e.g. for battery applications, was achieved by improving the constant current control in the overload range. The extended integrated EMC filter offers an additional advantage of this redesigned step-down DC/DC converter.

Very wide range of applications e.g. in e-mobility and industrial applications thanks to ultra-wide input voltage range from 28 to 160 VDC. Also ideal for 48V, 80V, 110V DC networks with 24VDC output.

Customer-Specific DC/DC Converter

New in our portfolio: Customer specific configurable DC/DC converters, the DC-Master Voltage Converters.

What is a DC-Master Voltage Converter? For us, a " Master " is a DC/DC Converter, where we only outline the rough specifications. Many features are easily and individually customizable for you. So a master is a customer specific configurable DC/DC converter.

The step-down DC/DC converter Master 15X and the step-up and step-down converter Master 25X have CC-CV charging characteristics for bidirectional use in your battery electric systems. These master DC/DC converters can also be connected in parallel to increase power or to improve redundancy.

Novelty for railway applications

The robust DC/DC converter in an all-aluminium housing designed for railway applications.

The ultra-wide input range from 16 to 160 VDC and the electrically isolated, bipolar output voltage of +/-15V characterize the 364W2-15015-SDB1 push-pull converter. Fully compatible to its quasi-predecessor the 364W1-15015-SDB1.

Also ideal for 24V, 48V, 110V DC networks. Power doubling by parallel connection as well as supply of active loads is possible at any time.