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Hardcore DC power supplies.

154DH-24-ON resilient in harsh environments

Opt for our latest advancement of the 154er family. The 154DH-24-ON is the answer to ever more complex customer demands for longevity and stability in extreme environments. The 154DH-24-ON has been completely redesigned: The constant current control in the overload range has been significantly improved and simulates a quasi CC-CV charging function. (Constant current for battery applications). The advanced integrated EMC filter completes this new DC / DC converter. Find out more: LINK 154DH-24-ON

We proudly present

New in our portfolio: The DC wide-input-range master converter!

What is a DC-transformer master article? For us, a "master" is a DCDC converter, with which we only outline the rough specifications. Many features are easily and individually customizable for you. A master is nothing more than a customer-specific configurable DC-DC converter.

Specifically, we now present the Master 15X and 25X DC-DC converters with CCCV charging characteristics for bidirectional use in your battery-electric systems. These master DC converters can also be switched in parallel to increase the power or to improve the redundancy.

Read more about the Master 15X and/or 25X...

364W2-15015-SDB1 the novelty for railway applications

The 364W2 DC/DC converter with an ultra-wide input voltage range and bipolar output voltage of +/- 15V and galvanically isolation is designed for railway applications. With its new all-aluminum housing, the DC-DC converter has been upgraded comprehensively. It is fully compatible with the 364W1-15015-SDB1. Doubling the power through parallel operation as well as supplying active loads is possible. Take me there: LINK 364W2-15015-SDB1