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DC/DC converter in Swiss qualitiy and perfection!

A modern forklift truck operating in an industrial environment demonstrates the use of a DC/DC converter to optimize energy efficiency.

DC/DC Converters for Forklifts and Industrial Trucks

11. July 2024 News

DC/DC converters for industrial requirements

Customer-specific DC/DC converters - optimised for your project

non-isolated DC/DC buck converter Typ DC-Transformer 145-24-SD with output voltage 24.0V, 240 watts and input voltage 26V to 100V

DC-Transformer 145-24-SD

Input: 26 ... 100 VDC Output: 24.0 VDC / 240 Watt

non-isolated DC/DC buck-boost converter Typ DC-Transformer 257LE-24-SD with output voltage 24.0V, 300 watts and input voltage 10V to 35V

DC-Transformer 257LE-24-SD

Input: 10 ... 35 VDC Output: 24.0 VDC / 300 Watt

isolated DC/DC buck-boost converter Typ DC-Transformer 755-24-SD with output voltage 24.0V, 450 watts and input voltage 18V to 110V

DC-Transformer 755-24-SD

Input: 18 ... 110 VDC Output: 24.0 VDC / 450 Watt

isolated DC/DC buck-boost converter Typ DC-Transformer 757-48-SD with output voltage 48.0V, 700 watts and input voltage 19V to 70V

DC-Transformer 757-48-SD

Input: 19 ... 70 VDC Output: 48.0 VDC / 700 Watt

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Demke Electronic - DC/DC Converter designed in Switzerland

Developed with the latest design tools - manufactured according to ISO 9001-2015 by Elotec Fischer Elektrotechnik GmbH - customizable from the first piece and processed into compact and robust DC/DC converters with ultra wide input range in the power range up to 1000W. Available in three climate-proofed housings with plug-in or THT connection.

  • small: 77x52x19mm, up to 200 watts
  • medium: 90x90x26mm, up to 400 watts
  • large: 130x130x28mm, up to 1000 watts

Discover high-quality DC/DC converters for your industrial requirements!

Robust and reliable solutions

At Demke Electronic, we are committed to delivering cutting edge technology for industrial applications. Our DC/DC converters are built with state-of-the-art components that ensure exceptional performance and reliability. We offer a wide range of DC/DC converters for industrial applications and are suitable for a variety of applications including eMobility, warehouse management systems and battery or supercapacitor powered systems.


Galvanisch getrennter DC/DC-Wandler mit 500W Nennleistung - der Demke DC-Wandler der Serie 700

Built to last: compact design, strong performance, PU potting

Our DC/DC converters are characterized by a compact design without compromising on performance. With state-of-the-art components, our devices deliver efficient and stable power conversion that meets the requirements of your application. Thanks to the PU potting, we not only guarantee a product that is insensitive to vibrations and shocks, but also excellent protection against environmental influences of all kinds. The robustness is further underlined by the aluminum housing.

DC/DC buck converter type 154DH-24-ON, output 24V/13A

Rely on our latest development of the 154 family. Longevity and stability in harshest environments, the DC-Transformer 154DH-24-ON is specially developed for extreme customer requirements.

We are continuing the success story. This DC/DC Buck Converter is unbeatable in performance and EMC, in interference immunity and interference emission. With 360g, max. dimensions of 90x90x26mm and the flat plug connections it fits into any application.

Very wide range of applications e.g. in e-mobility, wind power and industrial applications thanks to the ultra-wide input voltage range from 28 to 160 VDC. Also ideal for 48V, 80V, 110V DC networks with output 24VDC. Please contact us for customer-specific adaptations or required standards, we will fulfill them.