Customer specific DC/DC Converters

The DC-Master Transformers are customer specific configurable DC/DC Converters. With a «Master» DC-Transformer we demonstrate the possibilities of a device in a certain voltage and power range. In consultation with the customer we can adapt the desired product specifications for a master DC/DC Converter and thus deliver a product according to customer requirements in a timely manner. We offer customizable DC/DC converters with unipolar output voltages of 12V, 13.8V, 24V, 27.5V, 28V, 29V, 48V, 57V and many more. We also provide customizable isolated DC/DC Buck Boost converters with bipolar output ±15V, ±24V, ±28V and more.

You cannot find a suitable DC/DC converter?

  • No problem, simply configure a DC-Master
  • What are your requirements and specifications?
  • Which of our DC/DC converter best meets them?
  • Share your technical specifications and a converter with us
  • We will advise you expertly and offer you a suitable solution

Inform us about your requirements

  • DC/DC-Converter Isolated (yes/no)
  • Input voltage range in Volt (Vin Range)
  • Output voltage in Volt (Vout)
  • Max. output current (ADC) or max. output power (Watt)

DC-Transformer Master

DC-Transformer Master-14XE-xx


Vin: 16 ... 160 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: 13.8 VDC / 8.0 ADC

DC-Transformer Master-15X-xx


Vin: 16 ... 100 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: 13.8 VDC / 20.0 ADC

DC-Transformer Master-25X-xx


Vin: 18 ... 75 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: 48.0 VDC / 8.0 ADC

DC-Transformer Master-35X-xx


Vin: 16 ... 160 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: ±24.0 VDC / ±2.0 ADC

DC-Transformer Master-36X-xx


Vin: 30 ... 160 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: ±28.0 VDC / ±6.3 ADC

DC-Transformer Master-7XX-xx


Vin: 8 ... 125 VDC
Vout / Max. Current: 24.0 VDC / 16.5 ADC