Demke DC-Transformer = DC/DC Voltage Converters = Hardcore DC-Power Supplies

Demke DC/DC voltage converters - Demke DC-Transformers - are lightweight, extremely robust and reliable DC/DC voltage converters in uncompromising Swiss quality.
Our powerful devices inspired customers to give our DC-Transformers the nickname "Hardcore DC-Power Supplies". The technological lead of our products offers with reliable technology and highest quality, even under extreme climatic conditions comprehensive operational safety.


DC/DC converters «designed in Switzerland, made in Germany, proven in the world» means: research and development at the highest technological level in Switzerland. Production in compliance with our high Demke quality standards in Europe by our ISO-certified production partner in Germany.

Our DC/DC converters with high power density, highest efficiency, integrated EMI filters, most compact designs in aluminum housings are used successfully in various applications worldwide, partly under extreme climatic conditions.

Why Demke DC/DC converters?

We are convinced that we can use powerful DC/DC converters in challenging projects. With Demke DC-Transformers you can focus on your application and master your technical challenges; we offer you the universal DC power supply.

We design our Demke DC-Transformers with the help of suitable computer-aided and mathematical tools and consider DC/DC conversion with the help of system theory as a core area of modern electrical engineering. Based on this, we master sub-disciplines such as EMC filtering, voltage conversion, control engineering, selection of state-of-the-art components and finally their interaction. The mastery of all sub-disciplines is successfully reflected in the production and testing of the electronic components in a DC power supply, which leads to a comprehensive operational safety of the DC/DC converter. (You can find more about this in our projects or news articles or universally configurable master articles).

We round off this technical know-how with emotions such as dedication and passion. We want you to feel well-advised and safe. We work hard to ensure that you as a customer are always completely satisfied with our products and can focus on your application. We want to stand out from our competitors, we are convinced that we bring that "certain extra", the "drive", the personality to your project - we are different - we look forward to hearing from you, contact us.