Rail-bound transportation systems

Push-Pull converter for railway applications

DC/DC Converters for rail-bound transportation systems

Context and Background
Our client uses a telemetry module to transmit GPS data from his diesel engine. This should be galvanically isolated and it must be ensured that the system is supplied with power even in the case of considerable voltage fluctuations. At the same time, various DC supply systems are covered.

We use the DC/DC Converter type DC-Transformer 344W-24-SD, which is housed in the control cabinet and which supplies the telemetry module with 24VDC thanks to its ultra-wide input voltage range of 16VDC to 160VDC and constant regulation of the output voltage. This module can be implemented with an input voltage range of 10VDC to 200VDC in a similar power class To ensure operation in the 24V system, which is required by EN50155 for 100ms.