DC/DC charging converter for supercapacitors: 800W, 24V to 48V

DC/DC buck-boost converter, 800W, 48V as supercapacitor DC/DC charging converter with ShutDown function

DC-Transformer 757-48-SD: 800W converter, 24V to 48V as DC/DC charging converter for supercapacitors

Small, lightweight, high power density, insensitive to vibration, 48V output voltage - these are the customer requirements of a dc-charging converter for autonomous driving and the vehicle technology of tomorrow.

The existing design of our universally applicable 700 series could be adapted with little effort to this powerful wide-range converter from 19VDC...70VDC and an efficiency of up to 95%.

Even below the switch-on threshold of 19VDC, the output voltage is boosted first-class to 48V - at full power.

Our DC/DC converters have the following advantages - to ensure that your project is also a success:

  • robust and climate proof design
  • excellent thermal characteristics
  • permanently no-load and short-circuit proof
  • integrated EMI input and output filter
  • no power derating
  • for ambient temperatures between -40°C / +85°C
  • thermal shutdown at +90°C
  • CC/CV charging characteristic

Further technical information can be found on the product page 757-48-SD.

With the DC/DC charging converter 757-29-SDB4, we extend our product portfolio with the same input voltage (19VDC...70VDC) and a switchable output voltage of 27V or 29V.

Convince yourself of our DC/DC supercapacitors and battery charging converters, developed for space-critical applications and extreme challenges.